Welcome to our Reiki web space! We hope to bring some information and clear understanding of this gentle art, this complementary therapy and also spiritual path called Reiki.

Introduced in Japan by Master Mikao Usui in the nineteen twenties, Reiki has spread all over the world and is practiced nowadays by millions of practioners in the five continents. It is currently used by hospitals all over the world to assist, among others,  chemo-therapy patients who recover much better from the effects of this treatment. Unlike other fashionable therapies, Reiki has grown in solidity and reliability due to its simple yet solid foundations.

-Reiki Kanji as taught by Mikao Usui-

Moreover, Reiki remains as one of the best tools we can have when we wish to nourish our souls with pure love and light, as its very essence is precisely the transmission of one of the highest forms of energy available to humankind: Universal Energy based on pure unconditional love.

Reiki can be learned by anyone. No special gifts or talents are required to be able to channel this beautiful and uplifting energy. Just your willingness to be attuned and your participation in a course is enough for you to start enjoying this natural healing art. You can be healthy or experience currently some health challenges and still benefit enormously from a Reiki course and attunement. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

-Your Reiki Master-Teacher, Barbara-

I learned Reiki in the year 2000 when I experienced a spiritual awakening process. Since then, Reiki has helped me transform my whole life, self heal, grow, learn, share, open myself up to the experience of love and kidness and helping others in need. Reiki has not only brought me a reconnection from the spiritual dimensions but has also helped me learn to love myself and embrace myself in fullness and wholeness. As a result, today I feel a much more integrated, balanced and awakened person, and I am able to continue evolving consciously as a human  and  spiritual being.

I am a fully certified and qualified Reiki Master from the following lineages: Usui Reiki Ryoho, Gendai Reiki Ho, Komyo Reiki Kai and Ascension Reiki. My main preference is to attune students to the Usui Reiki Ryoho. All of my courses include all the information available as far as the Japanese Reiki techniques and exercises are concerned. I am a fully qualified Member of the Spanish Reiki Federation and the Association of Traditional Japanese Reiki, both in Spain. My diplomas have also been accepted and validated by the ARC (Australian Reiki Connection, one of the main boards for Reiki practitioners in this country). I am also member of the School of Natural Health Sciences in London, UK where I studied Complementary therapies such as: Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy,  Life Coaching and Advanced Life Coaching as well as Holistic Dowsing. I am also the author of a book with psycho-emotional tools to help teenagers overcome bullying: The Boy Who Set Himself Free and the book Africa at 15 years old (In Spanish only) about a trip to the African continent in 4X4 in 1981 crossing 22,000km and ten countries.

I also hold a Counseling Diploma from the Australian Institute of Professional Counselors (AIPC) in order to complement my skills assisting people become self empowered and free from entanglements and limitations.

As a former journalist and writer, I have investigated the history of Reiki and accessed the best material I could gather to create my courses and manuals with the highest standards of information and quality. I feel I can offer you very solid foundations for your Reiki practice that will help you grow in total confidence and use this amazing tool for the rest of your life in its fullness.

In the last years I co-directed a Retreat Centre in Southern Spain called El Incanto where we held courses of Reiki, Qigong and other complementary therapies. Students from all over the world visited us and shared with us their experiences with subtle energies and their own process of spiritual transformation.

We are now based in Australia, our Motherland, hoping to share the love and the light that we have received, as a gift to all of you.

During the courses and other activities such as Reiki shares, you will be guided to perform your own self treatments and treatments to others, building up your confidence in order to offer yourself the most professional and yet loving sessions to your own clients and beloved ones, deepening your own experience with Reiki and expanding your horizons.

Throughout our courses you will also learn the fundamentals of energy based therapies, the nature of disease as seen from the energetic standpoint and you will become familiar with the Anatomy of the human and animal energy system. Studying with us, you will become a fully qualified Reiki practitioner and we hope, a more self empowered and awakened being, ready to offer and share your many gifts to the world!

Why Pure Presence Reiki?

Its a beautiful name that conveys the spirit in which we aspire to offer the teachings. Pure presence is all is left when we shed away all that we are not, and we simply allow to Be what we are, effortlessly. Pure Presence is all there is when we allow ourselves to rest in our very Being.

The Reiki courses you will receive are Reiki Usui Ryoho, from the following lineage:

With love,